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In order to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Bulgaria and Europe, the Spinoff Bulgaria initiative was established through a partnership between the Health and Life Sciences Cluster Bulgaria, the Artificial Intelligence Cluster Bulgaria, Venrize and ISTEB organization.

The initiative aims to create a sustainable spin-off ecosystem and culture by connecting national stakeholders with international partners. As part of this effort, the initiative will showcase best practices and insights from universities, investors, governments, corporates, and relevant industry experts, and highlight funding opportunities from European organizations. The event will also feature content designed to encourage companies to collaborate more closely with universities and leverage existing scientific infrastructure.

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The SpinOff Initiative consists of:

A network of innovative organisations, clusters, associations, companies & communities.

A team of ecosystem builders, innovators, entrepreneurs & industry experts.

A common vision for cross-industry, cross-national innovation and the goal to bring Bulgaria in a leading position for future developments.

Inspirational Talks

Hear from world leading experts on spinoff innovation and technology transfer


Likeminded Peers

Meet with likeminded peers and network with key opinion leaders


Expert Insights

Learn about best practices of innovation commercialisation from renowned experts


Business Opportunities

Increase your prospective clients, find business and investment opportunities


GET EXPERIENCE The 1st Edition of Spinoff Bulgaria Conference

The first edition of Spinoff Bulgaria Conference offers an exciting opportunity for business, academia, investors, healthcare and government stakeholders to get together and discuss the future of innovation. The programme consists of plenary sessions with Q&As, panels and active networking and matchmaking opportunities.

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Why us Bringing the innovation to live

“Spinoff Bulgaria” is an initiative that aims to create and implement a sustainable spin-off ecosystem and culture, which by 2030 will create 100 new technological startups originating from science universities or existing corporations.



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Spin Off - Bulgaria

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